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HVAC Commissioning

Impel systems recently commissioned an HVAC system for a large oil producer in Alberta. The system is comprised of physical IO, DeviceNet and fibre-optic networks. A CompactLogix 5370 PLC was programmed to tie into an existing fire detection system as well as a Honeywell controller and G.E HMI. A DeviceNet […]

Feed Mill Control System

Impel Systems has commissioned a dynamic mixing system for a local Alberta feed producer.  The CompactLogix based control system allows for recipes with over 50 different ingredients, which can be ground and mixed with extremely high precision. The PLC’s dynamic ingredient setup also allows the end user to easily change […]

Alberta Seed Cleaning Plant

In March, while following the physical distancing rules required, we completed a small panel for a seed cleaning plant in northern Alberta. Included in this panel were three Vega radar sensors for continuous level measurement of bin and hopper levels.  We built the panel and completed the programming required for […]

Water Pump Station

Impel Systems has completed a small pump station project for a client in southern Alberta.  The water pumping station consisted of two down hole pumps utilizing both pressure and flow control.  Pumps operate in multiple modes for lead, lag, staged and dual operating modes.  Optional modes for fire safety and […]

Turbine Upgrades

We have recently completed the upgrade for an oil and gas client in Colorado, which included upgrading four KB-501 Portable Turbine Gensets, adding the ability to run on gas fuel in addition to existing liquid. We spent time on site updating all existing Allen Bradly Control logix racks from L5X […]

Recycling Facility

Impel recently finished the commissioning and startup of an Alberta recycling facility which is responsible for the disposal of expired alcoholic beverages from bottles, cans and kegs. We sourced instrumentation parts and designed the electrical layout and control system. The disposal arm of the facility is now fully functional. Precise […]

Solar Centaur Water Pump

Impel Systems has completed the commissioning of a new control system for a water injection skid which operates a Bingham pump powered by a Solar Centaur gas turbine. Impel’s gas turbine control system included SoLoNox control for dry low emissions along with support for BAMs. We integrated water pump suction […]

Seed Cleaning Plant Webapp

We recently finished a system which has simplified the truck in/out and inventory procedures of a local seed cleaning plant. The project included a custom-built server as well as the design and creation of a clear and easy to use webapp. It allows our client to quickly create tickets while […]

Vibration System Upgrade

This fall, Impel Systems completed a vibration system upgrade for a local Alberta gas producer. The project involved replacing an antiquated Bently Nevada 3300 vibration system on two reciprocating gas compressors. The existing Bently Nevada accelerometers were replaced with new 4-20mA transducers, while the embedded 3300XL probes were maintained. This […]