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Milling Control Panel

Impel systems recently designed a small milling control panel for a local producer. The system consists of a receiving area and a roller mill, the control system monitors the motor amperage of the receiving elevator as well as the roller mill main motor and its feed motor. Automated VFD speed control of […]

Control System for Receiving and Reclaiming Bulk Grain Products

Impel has completed a project for a local brewery ingredient supplier. Impel’s scope included the design, manufacturing, and programming of a small MCC and control system for receiving and reclaiming bulk grain products. The MCC contained just under 20 motors with gates alongside a Rockwell based PLC control system. VEGA Instruments, Canada Ltd. […]

Fuel Control System Upgrade

Impel Systems recently upgraded the fuel control system of a 4MW KB501 generator package in Chicago, Illinois. After a wiring investigation to redline the old and outdated drawing set, Impel Systems developed a new drawing package and control system to replace the old turbine and analog generator control. In doing so […]

Distributed Energy Resources Engineering

Recently, we have been involved in the engineering of DER (Distributed Energy Resources). We have designed the control centre and data concentrator for a 5 megawatt “Peaker Plant” near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. This system is responsible for triggering the start up and synchronization of generators to the electrical grid, […]


Alaskan Coast Visit

In May, we sent one of our team to the Alaskan coast to assist with the controls of offshore engine conversions from T.I.T to T.O.T. These Allison KB501 turbines initially were outfitted with thermocouples on the 5th stage of combustion. This stage can reach very high temperatures, leading to constant […]

Commissioning of Fuel Controller

Late in 2020, Impel developed a drop-in replacement fuel controller to upgrade antiquated TSCD and HSDE fuel controllers. The unit was shipped to Germany over Christmas, however Covid restrictions prevented us from travelling for in-person commissioning. Working remotely with the clients’ representatives, we were able to commission the installation from Calgary and […]

Energy Conversion Centre Modernization

Impel Systems recently modernized the hardware and software responsible for controlling an Allison-501 KB5 turbine in an energy conversion center. We installed an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC, along with FactoryTalk SE software. The User Interface (UI) received a complete overhaul, designed to optimize safety by maximizing clarity and operator useability. Equipped […]

Replacement Fuel Controller

Impel systems has developed a drop-in replacement fuel controller to upgrade old and obsolete PECC TCSD and Hawker Siddeley HSDE fuel controllers.  These controllers are typically found on Allison 501 turbines and utilize a 19” rack mount frame.  The Impel solution uses the same rack mounted frame while utilizing an […]

HVAC Commissioning

Impel systems recently commissioned an HVAC system for a large oil producer in Alberta. The system is comprised of physical IO, DeviceNet and fibre-optic networks. A CompactLogix 5370 PLC was programmed to tie into an existing fire detection system as well as a Honeywell controller and G.E HMI. A DeviceNet […]

Grain Milling System

Impel recently commissioned a grain milling system for a local Alberta producer.  The system consisted of three main areas, receiving, milling, shipping and has over 50 motors.  Impel designed the PLC control system along with the 600VAC motor contactor and VFD panels which control the various legs, drags, and equipment […]