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Archive for Month: July 2018

Turbine Fuel Control Upgrade

Impel Systems has completed a fuel control upgrade on two Rolls Royce Allison 501 gas turbines for a medical facility in Toronto, Ontario.  The two engines; a 501-KB and 501-KH, had legacy TCSD fuel control units that were obsolete and required replacing.  New XGV fuel valves were installed and Impel’s […]

Blending and Grinding Facility

Impel Systems has completed a brand-new construction project for an Alberta pulses and cereals blending and grinding facility. The project included: Full automation of truck in and out with multi-port distributors for shipping and receiving of the product; An automated seed cleaning operation involving an Almaz, Clipper and Indent machinery; […]

Midstream Gas Producer Upgrade

Impel completed a PLC5 upgrade for a midstream gas producer in central Alberta.  The upgrade involved removing two existing PLC5 racks and replacing them with CompactLogix IO.  The PLC5 program was converted to Logix5000 and integrated into an existing CompactLogix CPU.  Two existing Redlion HMIs were updated to use EthernetIP […]