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Midstream Gas Producer Upgrade

Impel completed a PLC5 upgrade for a midstream gas producer in central Alberta.  The upgrade involved removing two existing PLC5 racks and replacing them with CompactLogix IO.  The PLC5 program was converted to Logix5000 and integrated into an existing CompactLogix CPU.  Two existing Redlion HMIs were updated to use EthernetIP for communications instead of the old serial connection used by the PLC5.  The local HMI graphics were also updated, adding alarms, on-screen push buttons, and remote email callouts.  The updated HMI also allowed for the elimination of an old annunciator board with 48 light bulbs, and reduced the number of PLC output cards required.

Additional PLC inputs were added to facilitate the removal of an old Bently Nevada 3300 vibration system which has become obsolete and therefore expensive to maintain.  New CEC vibration probes and transducers allowed for the same vibration protection at a fraction of the cost of upgrading the Bently or even just replacing the parts.

Finally, the upgrade was combined with the installation of point to point wireless antennas allowing Ethernet based communication between compressor stations and the main office.  This enabled operators to receive email or SMS based callouts as well as remote viewing and access to each station.