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<p>Impel Systems provides complete automation solutions: the design, engineering, programming, installation, and commissioning of turbine, process, and cross platform control systems. Our experience is diverse and includes projects in the oil and gas, agriculture, municipal, and food and beverage industries.</p>

Automation Specialists

Complete Control Solutions

Engineering and Design, Programming, Installation and Commissioning

Turbine Controls

GE, Solar, Rolls Royce, Avon, and More

Process Controls

Compressors, Pumps, and Plant


Seed Cleaning, Flour, and Gluten Facilities

Cross Platform

GE Fanuc, Siemens, Allen Bradley, and DCS

About Us

Impel Systems provides custom automation solutions to fit any commercial and industrial need. Our core management team has years of experience in various industries including agriculture, oil and gas, municipal, and food and beverage. Working on compressor sites, full facility controls, and rotating engines (with a particular expertise in turbine engines), we are known for providing customized, operator-friendly software solutions to our clients. Our goal is to ensure our clients are able to improve their efficiencies while reducing costs. We provide efficient, high-value engine control and manufacturing automation solutions to meet those business needs.

Our Services

Impel Systems provides custom control system design and engineering services, including programmable logic control (PLC) programming. We provide controls for any application, from co-gen turbines to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and traffic lights.

Easy to Use

You can have the best control system money can buy, but if your human machine interface (HMI) is illegible how can your operators do their job? Our graphical interfaces are easy to use and easy to understand.


Control system out of date with hardware past its end of life? We can help you find the upgrade path that best fits your needs.

Remote Support

Need help troubleshooting? We are just a click away. Remote access allows us to make updates and program changes, while helping local operators and technicians troubleshoot problems. We offer secure sockets layer (SSL) and advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption services as well.

It's Yours!

Vendors trying to lock you in? Our code and programming is yours! We provide code open and unlocked, no original equipment manufacturer (OEM) locks, no passwords or black boxes, heavily commented, and well documented.


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