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Turbine Fuel Control Upgrade

Impel Systems has completed a fuel control upgrade on two Rolls Royce Allison 501 gas turbines for a medical facility in Toronto, Ontario.  The two engines; a 501-KB and 501-KH, had legacy TCSD fuel control units that were obsolete and required replacing.  New XGV fuel valves were installed and Impel’s fuel control software was integrated into the existing Allen Bradley PLC on each turbine.  The existing Indusoft HMI stations were updated with new graphics and alarms to support the new fuel control hardware and software.  In addition to the fuel control upgrade, the existing PLC program was updated with new features allowing operators access to previously unavailable set-points, device bypasses, and configuration parameters. New alarms were added, which eliminated the previous old and poorly designed alarms that had completely failed to notify operators of problems.