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Fuel Control System Upgrade

Impel Systems recently upgraded the fuel control system of a 4MW KB501 generator package in Chicago, Illinois. After a wiring investigation to redline the old and outdated drawing set, Impel Systems developed a new drawing package and control system to replace the old turbine and analog generator control. In doing so we created new backpans for controls using Compact-Logix for turbine and package control, and generator AVR control, protection and syncing with a DECS-250. Integration with the existing switchgear allowed for automatic switching between droop and isoch, and synchronization. We eliminated the antique generator controls and gauges and integrated them into a single HMI along with the turbine control screens. The demolition-install-commission period was limited to 10 days.  

The first two pictures are before/during demolition, remaining 3 are after project completion.