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Alaskan Coast Visit

In May, we sent one of our team to the Alaskan coast to assist with the controls of offshore engine conversions from T.I.T to T.O.T. These Allison KB501 turbines initially were outfitted with thermocouples on the 5th stage of combustion. This stage can reach very high temperatures, leading to constant thermocouple failure. To decrease the frequency of thermocouple replacement, it is possible to relocate these thermocouples to the 7th stage of combustion, the turbine outlet. The temperature at this location will be less than 1000 degrees, effectively prolonging the lifespan of the thermocouples. It is now possible to calculate the temperature of the 5th stage and control the engine in the exact same way. The project consisted of reviewing the existing system and creating a detailed implementation plan to update the existing fuel control logic. These modifications included the physical changes in instrumentation, as well as CTIT (Calculated Turbine Inlet Temperature) algorithms to safely control the engine with the new layout.  Upon arriving via helicopter to the platform, our tech assisted in conversion of three separate engines and all were back up and running within three days.