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Alberta Seed Cleaning Plant

In March, while following the physical distancing rules required, we completed a small panel for a seed cleaning plant in northern Alberta. Included in this panel were three Vega radar sensors for continuous level measurement of bin and hopper levels.  We built the panel and completed the programming required for the radar sensors using a Horner XL4 color touch screen PLC.  The completed panel has spare IO for a further 3 radar units as well as options for motor or auxiliary equipment controls should the client wish to expand its operations.  The new radar sensors used have a narrow 80Ghz beam and are more cost effective than traditional radar, ultrasonic, or cable based sensors.  

As with all our projects, we can help our clients remotely most of the time, saving time and money. This has always been appreciated by our clients but is especially helpful during a pandemic. We are here for you!