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Feed Mill Control System

Impel Systems has commissioned a dynamic mixing system for a local Alberta feed producer.  The CompactLogix based control system allows for recipes with over 50 different ingredients, which can be ground and mixed with extremely high precision. The PLC’s dynamic ingredient setup also allows the end user to easily change where an ingredient is located without having to reconfigure any motors or recipes.  Recipe batching, target bin destination and ticketing were all provided.  The system allows mobile access to retrieve the recipe tickets and ingredient tracking.  The ticket shows how much of each ingredient was added, as well as the total amount of recipe produced. Process alarms can be sent to an operator by email or text messaging.  

In terms of hardware three electrical panels were designed for this system. One contactor panel containing five VFDs and motor contactors, a main PLC control panel and remote IO panel were designed with expansion in mind.  Two multiway distributors, and over 30 motors were commissioned.