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Control System for Receiving and Reclaiming Bulk Grain Products

Impel has completed a project for a local brewery ingredient supplier. Impel’s scope included the design, manufacturing, and programming of a small MCC and control system for receiving and reclaiming bulk grain products. The MCC contained just under 20 motors with gates alongside a Rockwell based PLC control system. VEGA Instruments, Canada Ltd. […]

Grain Milling System

Impel recently commissioned a grain milling system for a local Alberta producer.  The system consisted of three main areas, receiving, milling, shipping and has over 50 motors.  Impel designed the PLC control system along with the 600VAC motor contactor and VFD panels which control the various legs, drags, and equipment […]

Alberta Seed Cleaning Plant

In March, while following the physical distancing rules required, we completed a small panel for a seed cleaning plant in northern Alberta. Included in this panel were three Vega radar sensors for continuous level measurement of bin and hopper levels.  We built the panel and completed the programming required for […]