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Compressor Station PLC Upgrade

Impel completed a rush PLC5 replacement in May 2016 for a Central Alberta Midstream gas producer. A power outage caused the communication cards in an antiquated PLC5/40 rack to permanently fault. Attempts were made to replace the faulty cards, but each replacement card had the same memory fault due to the old age of its on-board RAM. The PLC5 was replaced with a new Compact Logix PLC with Point I/O, and the PLC5 program was converted from Logix5 to Logix5000. An existing Redlion HMI was updated to use Ethernet-based communications and configured for the new PLC. The whole system upgrade, programming, HMI updates, installation, and rewiring was completed in less than two days from the initial trouble call to Impel.

Old PLC5 Racks
Old PLC5 Racks